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Our wish list


Marine mammals research is highly expensive and requires a lot of equipment. Instead of donating money, you can buy anything we need or can donate unused equipment. Please see our wanted list. If you wish to provide any of the equipment described below or would like to donate something that is not on the lists, please contact us.



Under USD 200.00 (CPL 130,000)


-Binoculars, spotting scopes and similar things.

-Dry bags.

-Secchi disc.

-Waterproof and crush proof housings.

-Fuel for surveys (USD 60.00 per day / CLP 40,000 per day).

-Speakers, sound amplification equipment.

-Digital audio recording.

-External hard drives and (micro)SD memory cards.

-Software – Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Audition.


> USD 200.00 (CLP 130,000)


-Hand held GPS.

-Hand held VHF radio.

-Laptop Computer.


-Nikkon SLR Camera Body.

-Nikkon (al teast 300mm) Zoom Lens.

-HD recording camera.

-Rangefinder (1000 yards) 

-Conductivity/Salinity/Temperature Meter.

-Freezer (-20°C at least).


The Dream List


-CTD Device, is an instrument to measure variables in the water column (Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth).

-Inflatable Zodiac-type boat around 4 m length, to replace our boat "Australis".

-Boat Motor: Outboard Honda 4-stroke, 20 hp.

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