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Support our research and education work!



Thank you for your interest in supporting Yaqu Pacha - Chile. Every contribution is a huge help, it doesn't need to be big to make a difference!

Yaqu Pacha - Chile is a non-profit organization. Most of our funding comes from small conservation and research grants.  The main expenses are to cover the field logistics, equipment and operational costs. There are multiple ways you or your company could support our research and education efforts.

Research and education cost money. We need boat fuel, maintenance and servicing of the boat and vehicle, research and safety equipment, education material, consumables, travel costs to field sites, and others. You could make a donation to help cover our logistic and operational costs.

Marine research is expensive and requires a lot of equipment. It’s not all specialized, and you may be in a place to donate or buy something we need. Please take a look at the list of what would help us and the project.

Yaqu Pacha Chile welcomes support from companies wanting to fulfill their social and environmental responsibilities by supporting our research or education work.

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