Have you ever wondered what would happen if everyone walked with a microscope in their pocket? This thought has just come true for children on the island of Chiloé in southern Chile - pocket-sized microscopes, known as Foldscopes, have arrived! Yes, Foldscopes are origami-based fold-your own paper microscopes that fit in your pocket!

Several months ago we contacted Professor Manu Prakash at Standford University ( ) after seeing his inspiring TED talk and he very kindly responded to our enquiry.

Manu Prakash TED talk video:

From the USA, his group sent us these extraordinary instruments which have already blown the minds of many people around the world. For sure, these foldscopes and their application will also capture the imagination of Chilean children and fill their heads with new questions. Foldscopes open the door to discover the unseen microscopic world, as each centimeter of soil and every drop of water houses a unique little universe waiting to be explored.

In late March we will start our workshops with children from local communities, and we cannot wait to see their faces when they discover the wonders of the microscopic world with an origami foldscope!

We are extremely grateful to the Manu Prakash Laboratory at the University of Standford for providing us with this amazing new tools!



Te has preguntado qué pasaría si todas las personas anduviésemos con un microscopio en el bolsillo? Llegaron a Chiloé los microscopios de origami! Sí, microscopios de origami que puedes llevar en tu bolsillo! Son llamados "foldscopes", que en español sería algo parecido a "plieguescopios", o "microscopios plegables".

Hace varios meses atrás nos contactamos con el profesor Manu Prakash de la Universidad de Standford ( ) y él nos dio una muy cordial acogida.

Desde Estados Unidos, su grupo nos envió estos instrumentos extraordinarios que ya están haciendo volar la imaginación de muchas personas en todo el mundo. De seguro, los foldscopes llenarán las cabezas de los niños de Chile con nuevas preguntas, abriendo la puerta para descubrir el desconocido micro-mundo. Cada centímetro de suelo y cada gota de agua, son universos esperando ser explorados.

A fines de Marzo comenzaremos nuestro taller con niños de las comunidades locales, y no podemos esperar para ver sus caras de asombro cuando conozcan los foldscopes!

Muchas gracias al Laboratorio de Manu Prakash de la Universidad de Standford!

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