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Corporate investment


Yaqu Pacha Chile is sincerely grateful to our global network of corporate supporters, partners, and sponsors. There are several ways for corporations to support our work, including providing direct financial grants, donating equipment, or sponsoring an event in the field work about community education activities or research expeditions. If your company want to fulfill their social and environmental responsibilities by supporting our research or education work, please contact us.


Community Outreach Programme:

The Smalls Cetacean of Chiloé’s community outreach programme travels to schools and coastal communities to provide hands-on lessons to learners of all age groups. These lessons aim to inspire and educate chilean people about the marine conservation. The Community Outreach Programme needs funding to cover educational materials, projectors and travel costs.


Boat engines:

Currently the Small Cetacean Project have 2-stroke outboard motors for our research vessels YAQU and AUSTRALIS. These motors are essential for us to be able to operate safely further from shore and harbours and most importantly to have quiet, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly motors. The Small Cetacean of Chiloé Project needs funding to cover the technical maintenance of the boats and motors.



Yaqu Pacha Chile is supported by various companies that provide technical equipment. For example, GoPro® provides high quality equipment for audiovisual record of our work with small cetaceans, UnderwaterKinetics® provides the best security cases to protect our cameras into the boat, Mares® provides special equipment for cold water diving to realize our acoustic projects.

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